Title Body
An introduction to the geological and physical aspects of the oceans. Involves a survey of beaches and other coastal features, the origin and history of the ocean basins, waves, currents, tides, and the physical and chemical properties of seawater.
Strategies For Success
Comprehensive success course designed for students to develop and enhance their academic and personal skills. Emphasis is placed upon promoting a successful college experience through improved study skills, critical thinking skills, and general life skills. Topics include: self aware- ness, career exploration, college resources/ policies, memory techniques, test-taking strategies, note-taking, time management, goal setting. learning styles, technology, values clarification, community involvement, and effective communication. The course will encourage students to examine their own behaviors, expecta- tions, and attitudes to help them exercise more effective strategies for success.
First Course
An online orientation designed to prepare individ- uals for taking online courses: basic computer tools, online library resources, World Wide Web navigation, search engines, Blackboard, email, discussion boards, chat rooms, file organization, time management, and effective communication techniques.
Decision Making
Helps students identify their values, gather pertinent information that would affect their decisions, analyze the gathered information, and implement a strategy to make and carry-through decisions. Various teaching methods are employed including discussions, exercises; role-playing, out-of-class activities, and simulations. Classes will meet twice weekly for five consecutive weeks.