Title Body
Personal Nutrition
A course designed to provide consumers with knowledge to make wise food choices for themselves and their families. Emphasis is placed on using the U.S. Dietary Guidelines and Food Pyramid to plan nutritious meals for health promotion. Current food controversies will be discussed with students drawing their own conclusions based on practical application of nutrition science.
Identifies the elementary principles of the science of human nutrition and their relationship to diet, health, and cultural patterns. Recommended for students entering careers in food or health services and required for all students majoring in Family and Consumer Sciences. Open to all others interested in the life-long process of nutritional choices and the relationship to well-being.
Nutrition Through the Lifecycle
The study of special nutritional needs, physiology and health concerns throughout the principle stages of the life cycle- pregnancy, lactation, infancy, childhood, adolescence, adulthood, older adulthood.
Nutrition and Disease
The fundamentals of nutrition needs for common & uncommon health conditions/diseases including lifestyle variations. Review of Nutrition Care Process (NCP), scope of practice, screening for nutritional risk, assessment of dietary needs, medical nutrition therapy interventions, modified diets, meal planning, and menu writing.
Pharmacology With Clinical Calculations
Introduction to the concepts of calculations for medication administration and pharmacotherapeutics. Establishes a knowledge base that allows the learner to apply these concepts to patient care and education. Integrated within this course are the core competencies of patient-centered care, teamwork and collaboration, evidence-based practice (EBP), quality improvement (QI), safety, informatics and technology, professionalism, communication, leadership, and system-based practice.
Nursing 1
Introduction to the nursing profession, nursing concepts, and skills development. Students will apply the nursing process in the care of adults in well-defined settings.
Nursing 2
Concepts of nursing care of (1) individuals with commonly occurring health care needs and (2) individuals and families experiencing child-bearing. Students will apply the nursing process in the care of individuals of all ages in defined settings.
Nursing 3
Concepts of nursing care of (1) individuals and families with increasingly complex health care needs and (2) and individuals and families with mental health care needs. Students will apply the nursing process in the care of individuals of all ages in defined settings.
Nursing 4
Concepts of nursing care of individuals, families, and groups of all ages. Students will apply (1) the nursing process in acute care and (2) concepts of leadership management in a variety of settings.