Title Body
Introduction to Paralegalism
Role, responsibilities, and ethical standards of a paralegal.
Introduction to Law
Fundamentals of legal terminology, legal princi- ples, development of a case for trial, adjudica- tion, and post-verdict procedures in the civil and criminal systems.
Legal Procedures
Application of the procedural aspects of pre-trial , discovery, trial preparation, and post-trial work as part of a litigation team.
Criminal Trial Procedure
Procedural aspects of the criminal trial process in Arizona state courts from preliminary pro- ceedings through trial.
Legal Writing
Application and analysis of the writing process to produce documents commonly used in the practice of law.
Business Law for Paralegals
Examination and preparation of legal contracts and documents used in the formation and operation of business organizations.
Analysis of requirements and documents used in estate planning and administration.
Legal Research
Use of print and eletronic media to locate, read, and interpret public documents, statutes, admin- istrative regulations, and cases from county, state, and federal jurisdictions.
Insurance and Tort Law
Basic elements of negligence, strict liability, intentional torts, defenses, damages, and insur- ance coverage. Evaluation of records and personal injury claims, review of insurance policies, settlement brochure, and preparation of case intake memorandum.
Real Estate Transactions
Various aspects of real estate sales, purchases, and encumbrances.
Family Law
Legal analysis of marriage, dissolution of marriage, parental rights and duties, pleading and practice.
Administrative Law
Introduction to the fundamental concepts of admin- istrative law.
Bankruptcy laws, procedures, and the role of para- legals in bankruptcy practice.
Legal Interviewing, Investigating, and Report Writ
Interviewing, investigating, questioning, document -ing, and evidence analysis.
Computerized Law Office and Litigation Support
Word processing skills, litigation support systems , presentation programs, billing systems, and trial electronic software for the law office.
Paralegal Internship 1
Internship requiring 27 hours of work in a para- legal capacity.
LETA Academy 1
An orientation and introduction to law enforcement as well as an overview of law and legal matters, patrol procedures, and traffic control.
Phlebotomy for Law Enforcement
This course is designed for individuals who are employed in law enforcement or current law enforcement training. Students will develop a working knowledge of phlebotomy. Law enforcement officers learn the appropriate procedures for drawing blood, specimen handling, and proper documentation to assure the integrity of evidence and chain of command procedures.
Phlebotomy Refresher for Law Enforcement
This course is designed as a refresher course for individuals who are employed in law enforcement or current law enforcement training. Law enforcement officers will review the appropriate and current best practice procedures for drawing blood, specimen handling, and proper documentation to assure the integrity of evidence and chain of command procedures.
LETA Academy 2
An orientation and introduction to law enforcement as well as an overview of law and legal matters, patrol procedures, and traffic control.
Introduction to Logistics
Introduction to the field of logistics to include development of logistics systems, careers in logistics, distribution planning, supply chain security, and customer service. Also includes roles and functions of: purchasing, inventory control, physical distribution, warehousing, transportation methods, packaging, and customs.
Freight Claims and Contracts
Loss avoidance procedures, claim preparation, filing procedures, dispute resolution and other considerations involved in the drafting and negotiations of freight and logistics contracts. Legal and regulatory requirements applicable to contracts for product transportation are included.
Warehouse Management
Warehouse functions, processes, organization and operations. Includes analysis of warehouse location, operation, management, controls, procedures, finance, security, cargo/materials handling, and productivity.
Transportation and Traffic Management
Study of domestic freight transportation systems. Includes demand for freight movement, laws, regulations, pricing, policies, traffic management, security, and international transportation issues.
Introduction to Purchasing
Basic purchasing functions related to logistics. Includes establishing requirements, policies, procedures, purchasing decisions, goods received, packaging, shipping, and managing inventory levels.
Portfolio Development
Portfolio development of non-traditional experiences in massage therapy and/or healthcare.
Healthy Living
Elements that influence physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual wellness; explores the impact of the bodymind model on health care for self and others; effects of energy dynamics on bodywork.
Orientation to Massage Therapy
An introduction of massage therapy in supportive healthcare. Included are history, benefits, and principles of professionalism, legal issues, and business considerations.
Complementary Topics in Massage Therapy 1
Studies cover a variety of subjects that allow the emerging massage therapist to discover complementary and alternative methods of health and well-being as well as business and other practical concepts in maintaining a private practice.
Business Practices for Massage and Bodyworkers
Business practices and business plan development for massage and bodyworkers.
Professionalism and Ethics of Bodywork
Ethics and professional standards to protect the integrity of the therapist and safeguard the interest of the individual clients.
Massage Practice 1
Orientation and introduction to skills required for therapeutic massage professional practice. Prepares learners for Arizona State license application.
Exploring Therapeutic Massage and Body- Work Topic
Structured to provide an atmosphere of individu- alized research and study paralleled by pro- fessional expertise and guidance in the area of therapeutic massage and body work.
Massage for Medically Frail: Hospital Or Hospice
A study of massage therapy in the hospital setting as supportive care. Focusing on hospital culture, communication and research, students will learn to adapt massage therapy techniques to address patient issues within the clinical framework of the hospital or in a hospice situation.
Introduction to Curanderismo: the Healing Traditio
History, traditions, rituals, herbs, benefits, principles, ethics, and approaches of Curanderismo, the healing tradition of Mexico and the Southwest United States. The unique issues and health practices of persons who live along the U.S. ? Mexico border that integrate Curanderismo and western medicine will also be explored.
Massage Therapy Internship
Implementation of a business and marketing plan for all phases of clinic operation, management and employment are explored as well as demonstrating massage techniques in a clinical setting.