Title Body
Introduction to Mass Communications/GE
A survey of the mass communications media, including newspapers, magazines, radio, television, and the Internet. Study of theory and function of news, features, editorials, and advertising; historical development of the media; legal freedoms and limitations of the media; and the ethics of communication. Stress is placed on the relationships and responsibilities of the mass media to society.
News Writing
The gathering and writing of news stories. Emphasis is on clear and concise written expression. Study of news sources, acceptable forms of stories, and style and methods of various media are included. Practical laboratory experience is provided on the student newspaper.
Introduction to Photojournalism
Introduction to procedures, objectives, and skills of the modern photojournalist. Photojournalism is the skill of visually communicating using the still image to convey the human condition- primarily concentrating on news, sports, features, portraits, documentaries, and photo illustration.
Applied Journalism
Practical experience in the publication of campus news, in print and online. Opportunity to gather facts, write and edit news stories, sell and design ads, take and edit photographs, write headlines, and design and produce layouts.
News Editing
Introduction to the principles of editing articles for the contemporary media. Includes application of skills in journalistic style, story organization, headline writing, and cultural literacy.
Advanced Photojournalism
Builds on the skills acquired in Introduction to Photojournalism. Learners will assemble a portfolio.