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KAWC Colorado River Public Media challenges listeners to “Think”

Yuma, AZ (February 8, 2019) – On Monday, Feb. 4, KAWC began airing “Think,” an award-winning hour of information and in-depth conversation produced by public radio station KERA FM in Dallas.

Launched in 2006, “Think” is hosted by journalist Krys Boyd and airs on public radio stations across Texas and the nation. With 250,000 downloads per month, it is one of the most popular podcasts on the public radio system.

“Think” explores a broad range of topics, from breaking news and politics, to cultural trends and insightful personal interviews with newsmakers, politicians, entertainers, and real people.  Listeners are invited to take part in the discussions through calls, tweets, and e-mail.         

KAWC News and Operations Director, Lou Gum, says the show is a great addition to the KAWC schedule.

“We bring a variety of news and entertainment shows to KAWC listeners, but few of them are produced from a region that have as much in common with our community as ‘Think,’” he said.

“From the southern border, to demographics, culture, and changing politics, Texans and Arizonans, like other parts of the American west, share unique perspectives on the news of the day. ‘Think’ also brings listeners a real-time opportunity to take part in the conversation.”

“Think” airs Monday through Thursday from 12 to 1 p.m. on KAWC 88.9FM and the streaming service at

Learn more about the program and explore past shows at

Lou Gum
News and Operations Director
KAWC Colorado River Public Media
(928) 344-7694

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