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Student Employment Experience highlights 


Dejan Milosevic

Dejan Milosevic:  AWC International Student from Serbia, multi-linguistic, AWC's 2010 Soccer Goalie.  Transferred from AWC to a university to pursue a Business and Finance degree on a full soccer scholarship.

Summer 2011 student worker for VP Of Student Services and previously Career Development. Learned to speak English in two years.  Attributes academic and professional growth to Ellen Cohen and Holly Banes.        

Advice to new student workers is "When I first began working for Career Development I didn't know much english.  I had trouble communicating with students and them understanding me.  They helped me to develop communication skills. It's the greatest experience you can get.  Just be yourself and don't be afraid...  You will get to meet many people." 



Leo Fassetta:  AWC first year student.  Interested in music, computer science and fire science majors. 

Summer 2011 student worker for Student Activities under the supervision of Shara Roberts.  Just one of Leo's strengths is his outgoing personality that will make his future very bright.  

Advice to new student workers is "Shara's has been the most influential person that encourages me to do my best and has introduced me to many new things that I didn't know about AWC.  Be willing to succeed.  Willing to give new ideas and be willing to open up your mind to new possibilities."



Prince Godwin and Elena Valenzuela

Prince Godwin:  AWC International Student from Africa majoring in Nursing degree.  Active AWC International Club member, Student Government Association member and Ambassador.  

Summer 2011 student worker for Registrar's Office under the supervision of Amy Pignatore and Elena Valenzuela.  Attributes academic and professional growth to supervisors and Carmen Faucon.  The Registration Office is like a second family to Prince. 

Advice to new student workers is "Don't let your past knowledge interfere with your new job.  Be willing to change and be as flexible as you can."



Cristina Ortega

Cristina Ortega:  AWC 2008 Alumni with an associate's degree in Business. 

Fall 2006 student worker for Advisement Services under the supervision of Kim Oliveros and Antonio Carrillo.  

Advice to new student worker is "It has been great being able to go to school and work at the same location.  It's a great experience before you go into the real world."




Cristina Ortega, Kim Oliveros, Alan Sanchez

Alan Sanchez:  AWC 2010 Alumni with an associate's degree in Business.  Transferred from AWC to pursue a degree with the University of Washington on a full soccer scholarship.  

Spring 2010 student worker for Advisement Services under the supervision of Kim Oliveros and Antonio Carrillo.  Alan's hard work ethic, ability to learn quickly and willingness to do any task enabled him to rise above as a leader among his co-workers.

Advice to new student workers is "They should come and apply.  You never know, you just might get hired."



Christina Ayala:  AWC Spring 2011 Alumni with an associate's degree in Accounting.  Planning to obtain second AWC associates degree in Business in Fall 2011.

Summer 2010 student worker for Campus Life under the supervision of Emily Brooks.  Christina's professionalism, hard work ethic, ability to follow directions very well and other strengths make her an overall very good worker.  Impressed with her work performance she was promoted to a part-time receptionist.

Advice to new student workers is "As a work study my experience has been great."



Lourdes Ibarra:  AWC student majoring in Psychology and planning to transfer to Arizona State University.  

Summer 2010 student worker for Student Activities under the supervision of Shara Roberts.  Lourdes creativity, organizational skills and sense of belonging to AWC will serve her well.

Advice to new student workers is "It's a good job because it's related to school and they are flexible around your classes." 


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