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Note Taking Accommodation:

• Students must identify the classes they will need a note taker in and pick up the “Note Taker Request” form(s) from the ARS Coordinator each semester when they pick up their accommodation letter.

  • Students may either find a note taker themselves or the instructor may assist them. If they require assistance, they must approach the instructor before class starts on the first day to request that the instructor reads the announcement on the note taker request form.

• Students must meet the volunteer(s) after class and send their choice with the note taker request form to AccessABILITY Resource Services, located on the top floor of the 3C building.

 • If no one volunteers to share notes students must contact the ARS Coordinator in writing.  ARS will find a note taker within 5 working days after notification.

• If students are dissatisfied with the notes, they may terminate the initial note taker contract, and solicit a new note taker.

  • If students terminate a note taker, they must submit the reason for termination in writing to the ARS Coordinator.
  • If  students receiving notes withdraw from a class, they must inform the note taker and the ARS Coordinator in writing within 24 hours.
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