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Applying for Financial Aid

Anyone interested in attending college should apply for the FAFSA.  This application may also be required in order to receive other monies, such as institutional funds - including athletic aid, fine arts scholarships, honors awards, etc.  - as well as work-study, student loans and other grants.

There is no charge to apply for federal financial aid.  The word 'FAFSA' actually means Free Application for Federal Student Aid.  If you have come across a website that requires payment for assistance or submission, DO NOT PAY!!  Go to the FAFSA website.

Arizona Western College is eligible and active in the Federal Pell Grant program; however, the Pell grant may be used at almost any school the student chooses to attend.  Financial aid personnel at each institution has information as to whether the college and its programs are eligible for the Federal Pell Grant Program.

Frequently Asked Questions

The information available here is general in nature and is not intended to be comprehensive.  The requirements for individual types of aid do vary and students should contact the Financial Aid Office for details via phone (928.344.7634) or email.

What is the application process?
What is the AWC deadline to apply for financial aid?
What types of financial aid are available?
What happens after I apply?
How much money do I qualify for?
How is financial aid calculated?
What are the conditions for receiving financial aid?


What is the application process? -

1. Students desiring to apply for federal student aid are advised to first obtain their US Department of Education PIN number.  The PIN serves as an electronic signature for federal financial aid and provides access to federal financial aid records.  Parents of dependent students are also required to apply for and obtain a PIN for the purpose of signing the FAFSA application.

2. Before beginning the FAFSA, students interested in attending AWC must apply for admission.  This process is available online or in-person at the Office of Records and Registration; on the main campus, on the top floor of the 3C building.

3. Complete the FAFSA application online.  If applying online is intimidating, click here for a practice worksheet.  This allows the student to gain a better understanding of what the FAFSA entails and what information to include when actually applying.  Most high schools, colleges, vocational schools, libraries and community or state agencies will no longer have paper applications available.  A printable version is available for download.

4. After an electronic FAFSA submission is processed by the Department of Education, they will send reports of your application to each school you include on your FAFSA.  Provided that you have gone through the admissions process at our school, it will take at least 3-5 business days before your FAFSA is linked to your record on the AWC Financial Aid database.  Once received, The Financial Aid Office will use the information to determine if any further paperwork is necessary and what can be done in regards to financial aid.  Students with further questions or requiring clarification are encouraged to contact the Financial Aid Office:

In Person:  Top floor of the 3C bldg
                  Monday - Thursday 7a-5p

By Phone:  928.344.7634

By Email:

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What is the AWC deadline to apply for financial aid? -

The fall semester deadline for FAFSA application at AWC is always April 15.  Priority processing and aid consideration are given to students applying for financial aid by our stated priority deadlines.

Deadlines regarding paperwork submission are updated as necessary throughout the year.  Students are encouraged to check the WebAdvisor and ToroMail accounts for new information.  Any paperwork received after the posted deadlines will be considered officially late.  Students applying late may still be eligible, but should be prepared to cover most expenses with personal funds rather than financial aid.  The Financial Aid Office will not guarantee that financial aid funds will be available before the beginning of the semester.

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What types of financial aid are available? -

The various programs can be divided into four broad categories: grants, scholarships, loans and employment.  These categories are described as:


Gift aid
Based on financial need
Does not require repayment


Gift aid
May be based on financial need
Usually awarded for academic or athletic ability
Does not require repayment


Available to students and parents
Usually based on financial need
May or may not be based on credit scores
Must be repaid with interest at a future date


Offered through the federal government as financial aid
Based on financial need
May be used toward account balances (tuition, fees, etc.)

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What happens after I apply? -

Once you have submitted an application for federal financial aid, you will receive a Student Aid Report (SAR) from the processor within two to four weeks, depending on whether you applied electronically.  Even though students usually receive an email from the Department of Education, it takes approximately 3-5 business days after the student has submitted the application for the Financial Aid Office to receive it.

Students are encouraged to contact the Financial Aid Office after the 3-5 day period has passed to ensure the results are valid and all eligibility criteria are met.  We also request that students check the WebAdvisor and ToroMail accounts for any notices sent by the Financial Aid Office.  Students selected for verification will be required to provide additional documents.  Any questions can be addressed:

In person:  Top floor of the 3C bldg
                  Monday - Thursday 7a-5p
By Phone:  928.344.7634
By Email:

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How much money do I qualify for? -

The information issued here is intended to be a general idea of financial aid and is not a guarantee of award amount or eligibility.

The amount of Pell grant a student can receive is based on the EFC (Estimated Family Contribution), COA (Cost of Attendance) and the number of credits for which the student is registered.  Click here for the EFC Calculator.

Pell grant awards are determined by a formula that is applied in the same manner to all applicants.  This formula is revised and approved each year by Congress.  The Financial Aid Office at AWC does not calculate and is not responsible for determining student eligiblity.  The actual award a student receives depends on several factors including, but not limited to:

  • The cost of attendance (COA)
  • The family's financial situation
  • Family size
  • Student attendance (full-time or part-time)

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How is financial aid calculated? -

The basic premise upon which financial aid programs are based is that the primary responsibility rests with the student and the parent(s) to pay for college expenses to the extent that the family is able to do so.  The analysis of a family's financial strength includes cosideration of:

current family income family size
number of children in college retirement allowance
assets uninsured medical/dental expenses
any other factors which seriously alter a family's financial strength  

Financial aid programs are designed to supplement family resources by bridging the gap between costs and the family's measured ability to pay.  The Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships uses the information received from the federal financial processors in determining need and eligibility.

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What are the conditions for receiving financial aid? -

There are conditions students are required to meet in order to receive financial aid:

  • Must be a US citizen or eligible non-citizen
  • Must be an undergraduate student in a degree or certificate seeking program at any institution eligible to participate in the Pell grant program.  Graduate students are eligible for work-study or student loans
  • Males must be registered with Selective Service by their 26th birthday or provide sufficient documentation supporting why they have not registered
  • Maintain satisfactory academic progress as defined by the grant program
  • Complete the verification process, if selected, by submitting certain documentation to the AWC Financial Aid Office
  • Not be convicted of the possession or sale of illegal drugs while receiving federal financial aid.

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Arizona Western College does not discriminate in admission or access to treatment or employment in its services, programs or activities on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, religion, age or disability.


Arizona Western College prohíbe la discriminación en el empleo en base a la raza, el color, la religión, el sexo, la nacionalidad, la religión, la edad o la discapacidad de las personas. La habilidad limitada del idioma inglés no es una barrera para la admisión o la participación de las carreras técnicas y vocacionales disponibles en la institución.

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