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Online schedule of classes - search by WINTER 2014

Registration opens Monday, Oct 5, Classes start Dec 14

All classes are four weeks online unless otherwise noted

(GE = General Education)

Available Courses Include:


AJS 101 Introduction to Administration of Justice

AJS 191 Terrorism/Counter Terrorism

AJS 193 Victimology

ANT 130 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology (GE)

ARH 141 Survey of World Art 1 (GE)

ART 177 Digital Photography 1

BUA 100 Survey of Business

CIS 151 Web Design 1

ENG 090 Basic Academic Writing

ENG 100 Introduction to Composition (GE)

ENG 101* Freshman Composition (8 week class that starts Dec 14)

ENG 102* Freshman Composition (8 week class that starts Dec 14)

FAS 160 Close Relationships (GE)

FAS 204 Gender Relations (GE) (Writing Intensive)

FAS 220 The Family (GE)

FAS 238 Human Development (GE) (Writing Intensive)

FIN 150 Personal and Family Finance

HIS 122* History of the U.S. from 1865 (8 week class that starts Dec 14)

MKT 110 Principles of Marketing

MKT 230 Principles of Advertising

MUS 120 Music Appreciation (GE)

PED 102 Issues in Sport

PED 120 Leisure and Quality of Life

PHI 101 Introduction to Philosophy (GE)

PHI 105 Introduction to Ethics (GE) (Writing Intensive)

POS 100 Introduction to Politics

POS 221 Arizona Constitution and Government

POS 222 National Constitution and Government

PSY 101 Introduction to Psychology (GE)

PSY 238 Human Development (GE) (Writing Intensive)

PSY 270 Social Psychology

REL 201 Comparative World Religions (GE) (Writing Intensive)

SOC 101 Introduction to Sociology (GE)

SOC 160 Close Relationships (GE)


*8 week classes that start Dec 14 and end in February 2016 listed in Winter 2015 schedule

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