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Purple Lounge Rules

The Purple Lounge, The Game Room, The Diversity Lounge and other student areas on campus are shared spaces.  Be mindful of the people around you, and remember AWC is a place of business and learning.


Profanity is strictly prohibited in the Purple Lounge and strongly discouraged elsewhere on campus.

Sitting on the tables is not allowed.

Keep noise to an appropriate level especially during work hours.

Do not misuse or mistreat any accessories, equipment, or furniture in the Purple Lounge.

Food and drinks are allowed; however, they are not to be placed on any furniture and must be disposed of properly.

Violent, explicit, or sexually-suggestive television, movies, video games or other forms of media and not allowed.

Keep all of your clothes on (including your shoes).

We are not responsible for personal items. (Lost, stolen, or damaged items will not be replaced by AWC). 

Sexually suggestive behavior is strictly prohibited.

Must provide Student ID card upon request by AWC staff
The Purple Lounge is subject to closure for misuse, events, or educational purposes. 
Anyone being disruptive and not an AWC student could be subject to more severe consequences including but not limited to removal and trespass from campus.

For more information please visit us in the Campus Life Office

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