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Student Activity Request

Student Activity Request Form

Before requesting a Student Activity, make sure you have already submitted a Club Charter Request for this year, or your Student Activity Request will not be considered.

For events that need risk management please fill out the AWC campus event/activity Risk Management form at least 30 days prior to the event.

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Sponsoring Organization*

Event Description*


Type of activity*

Community Service

Start time*
End time*

Have you completed your Room Reservation?* If not Click Here
Yes No

Does your event include any outside vendors, entertainment or demonstrations? Yes No

Admittance*   Estimated Attendance*

Please list what groups have been invited or are expected to attend. Anytime AWC invites the public to participate in an activity or has larger than normal crowds, this increases AWC's liability and additional safeguards for this event need to be considered.

Has Campus Police been informed?*
If not please email them at
Yes No
Will you be providing food from other than conference and events? Yes No
Does your event require a Food Waiver?
If yes email with an itemized list of what you are purchasing from where and the cost.
Yes No

Is this a fundraiser? Yes No

If your event requires a food waiver please itemize where and for how much your items will be purchased.

Please remember it is the responsibility of the club Adviser to submit a requisition through datatel if the club is ordering any items for your event (at least two weeks in advance)

Expenses (Itemize)

   Total $


I have completed travel Yes No
Do you require travel? Yes No

If you need travel and have not yet completed it please remember travel arrangements must be made two weeks in advance. Click here for more details


Will there be any waste associated with your event?   Yes No
Do you need Recycling receptacles made available to you? Yes No

How do you plan to recycle and/or reduce waste during your event?


AWC is devoted to challenging students faculty and staff to develop green habits that honor our commitment to nurture our community and environment sustainability. As a Club we Agree

Additional Info


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