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REsidentIal Life Staff

Have a question? Need to talk?

These people are here to help!

 Housing Group 3.JPG

Fall 2015 Staff


DeAnza Hall


Tony Mitchell.JPG


Tony Mitchell,
Hall Director and
Assistant Football Coach

This is Coach Mitchell's 6th year as a Hall Director and Assistant Football Coach at AWC.  Coach Mitchell is originally from Chicago, IL and enjoys the sunny warm weather of Yuma!  Coach Mitchell runs the Intramural Program in the spring.


Jose Alcocer, Resident Assistant


Rocio Napoles.JPG


Rocio Napoles, Resident Assistant

Rocio is from San Diego, California, but she was raised in San Luis, Mexico her whole life.  This is Rocio's first semester as a U of A student, and it is also her third semester as an RA.  Rocio is currently working on her Bachelor's Degree in Family Studies.  In 10 years, Rocio sees herself completing her Master's, working as a hospital nutritionist, and be certified as a registered dietitian.  During her free time, Rocio enjoys reading, writing, listening to music, and being around her cats!

Williams Ozuma.JPG


Ariana Bowie, Resident Assistant



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Garces Hall


Jen Steuck, Hall Director

It was during my undergrad studies, at the University of Wisconsin – Green Bay, when my interest of a career in Higher Education erupted into a passion – and further, a purpose. I have had the privilege of working professionally in Higher Education for the past five years. In that time I have earned a MA in Professional Mental Health Counseling. I have an ability to connect, support and empower individuals. I have had the opportunity to work closely with young adults and unique underrepresented populations. I am dedicated to the field of Higher Education, mental health and Counseling. I have an appetite for learning and a responsibility to create safe, inclusive environments to promote challenging dialogue. I am an open-minded, social justice educator, with strong emotional intelligence who is motivated, optimistic and determined.

Alex Vieyra.JPG


Alex Vieyra, Resident Assistant  

Alex is in his second semester as a RA and is a former CAMP student.  He graduated from Cibola and enjoys spending time playing in his Church band.  Alex is a talented artist and loves to spend his time listening to music and snap chatting.

Edgar Villavicencio, Resident Assistant


 Leo Ibarra.JPG

Lizet Camarena, Resident Assistant



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Kino Hall


Kyle Carothers,  Hall Director/Assistant Baseball Coach 

Kyle is an AWC baseball coach & this will be his 4th year coaching along with his 4th year being a hall director. He lives in Kino with his wife, 3 kids and 2 dogs. Besides his love of baseball his other hobby is playing golf in his free time. He loves interacting with the students & you will always see him walking around campus with his family.

 Adriana Cortez.JPG



Clarissa Jimenez, Resident Assistant 

Clarissa is a culinary major with aspirations of moving to Los Angeles and opening up her own restaurant. Although she loves the Culinary Arts, she does not enjoy baking as much as everything else. She loves watching "How I Met Your Mother" and "That 70's Show"; in addition, she enjoys listening to music throughout the day. Her strength is rooted with her cousin, Emmanuel, who fought sickness off while smiling the entire time. She admires his strength to keep a positive attitude. Clarissa is not an animal person; however, she has a dog, iguana, parrot, turtle, a couple of finches, and a fish. Her favorite color is blue and she loves to sing.

 Dorothy Flores-De Dios.JPG


Jessamy Sanchez, Resident Assistant


 Antonio Pena.JPG


Blake Grimes, Resident Assistant



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RA stands for Resident Assistant. RAs are current AWC or NAU-Yuma student leaders that live within the residence halls. 

The RAs are responsible for providing educational and social programming in the residence halls. 

RAs are also responsible for addressing and properly documenting policy violations.

RAs must maintain at least a 2.5 GPA

Interested in being a leader on campus? Contact Jennifer Tagaban for information on positions available!


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