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AWC Welding Professor Participated in Welding Conference

Nov. 13th, 2012

Samuel Colton
Professor of Welding/Coordinator
Technical Instructional Department
Arizona Western College
(928) 344-7570

Alison Howell
Communications Coordinator
Arizona Western College
(928) 314-9594

AWC Welding Professor Participated in Welding Conference

Yuma, Arizona (November 13, 2012) – Samuel Colton, AWC Professor of Welding and Coordinator of the Technical Instructional Department, recently traveled to Madrid, Spain, to participate and present at the Spanish Welding Association International Conference on Welding and at the Lincoln Electric Distribution Center Open House. He also did a presentation/demonstration at the Juan de Herrera welding school in Valladolid, Spain.

At the Conference, he presented his paper titled “Meeting the Challenge: Welding Education Strategy for Winning in a Global Economy” and conveyed the specific welding education model at AWC, which has enjoyed considerable success for students during the past 45 years. “With the inversion of capitol to the AWC welding program through the receipt of the HS-STEM grant, AWC's welding institute is positioning to incorporate additional advances in welding technology such as automation/robotics and weld simulation to further prepare its students for the workforce,” he says.

“My experiences in Spain allowed me to gain a greater global perspective of the standards used for welder education and qualification in the European Welding Federation and compare them to our system in the United States,“ he says. “My brief tour of the VICE Corporation, a welding company in Valladolid, Spain, allowed me to see how they are incorporating computer numerical controlled machining and robotic welding equipment into their production activities, which served to reinforce my commitment to our efforts at AWC to bring instruction with this type of equipment and technology to our students at AWC. My trip also allowed me to meet other welding educators and to share my experiences with them and to learn from them how they organize their instructional activities and work with young people who are very much like our own; eager to learn in hopes of employment and a better future.”

His trip to Spain was facilitated by Charles Vega Schmidt, a welding engineer whom Colton met in Peru, South America during one of his many travels as the founder of “Welders Without Borders.” Schmidt, who now resides in Spain, acted as host to Colton.

“Our service in Mr. Schmidt's home country of Peru and his positive experiences with us there was what lead him to work with our institution to help facilitate our presentation in Madrid and the good will for Arizona Western College that it produced,” Colton says.

For more information, please contact him at, or (928) 344-7570.


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