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Agricultural Science
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Career Opportunities in Agricultural Science

A student majoring in ag science will find an array of career options upon graduation, here are a few areas of interest in Yuma county:

Pest Control Advisor (PCAs): Licensed professional production consultants who serve agriculture and horticulture producers. PCAs specialize in pest management, but they are also an important resource to producers in a wide range of production concerns related to plant health. PCA specialties are diverse and may help maintain highway vegetation; assist in pest-free greenhouses, golf courses, turf and landscape; or ensure the growth of healthy, abundant food for the nation.

Sales and Marketing Representatives: A valuable link in the production supply chain. In the ag industry, sales representatives are seen as business partners providing quality chemical, seed, and equipment inputs to producers. Marketing Representatives ensure superior food and fiber products are contracted, grown, sold, and shipped per buyer standards.

Product Development: Companies providing input products like seeds, chemicals, and machinery invest time, money, and labor into product development. By working in product development, you have the opportunity to shape the future offerings of a company based on industry need. All of today's innovative products and equipment started with an idea and you could help in developing new ideas that reduce costs, improve production, reduce waste and contamination, and so much more.

Research: Testing products to ensure safety and potential success rate is essential before production and marketing may occur. Testing may be completed internally and externally, but implementing a valid, reliable research program is crucial in determing the future success of a product. Companies and government agencies need employees with critical thinking ability to properly assess a product and ensure it's safety for the American consumer.

Food Safety:

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