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Career Opportunities in Mathematics


Careers in cryptology are one of the fastest growing fields due to the rapid increase of sensitive information being sent over the internet. To protect personal and medical information, military secrets, financial information, etc. cryptologists use mathematical skills to design and decipher complex encryption codes. Financial companies hire cryptologists to protect all financial information from identity thieves and enable personal financial information to be sent over the internet. The military is the largest employer of cryptologists who look for patterns in intelligence data, design and decipher messages and encryption for military communication. Cryptologists also analyze large amounts of data from computer programs, search engine data, business data , natural occurrences, etc. to help make future predictions which can save money, time and even lives. 


Statisticians collect and analyze mathematical data to solve problems, identify patterns and trends, and make future predictions. Their mathematical skills help to forecast population growth, election outcomes, economic conditions, as well as determine consumer opinions. Statisticians are hired in a wide variety of industries including medical, consumer, military, transportation, education, research and government. Insurance companies create policies and risk analysis based on population statistics. Statisticians help medical researchers design and implement clinical experiments and tests. The statistical analysis from statisticians provides critical information to help guide decisions and make predictions of future growth and trends. 

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