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AWC-UA STEM Futures Systems Engineering Program Details

Engineers build almost everything that we use in our daily lives. From the computer you are browsing this site on, to telecommunications equipment (cellphones, telephones, internet modems...), to cars, airplanes, medicines, agricultural machinery, satellites that orbit the earth or explore other worlds, tiny machines that deliver medicine to our bodies. Being an engineer allows us to contribute in so many wonderful ways to this greatest adventure of human invention and discovery.

At the heart of all engineering disciplines is a system. The system is the story of how  each and every component of a device is supposed to function. A cellphone is a cellular communications system, a solar power plant is a solar power harvesting system...Systems are a key component of engineering!

At AWC, we offer a Systems Engineering program in collaboration with the University of Arizona's Systems and Industrial Engineering Department. For more information, please visit: 

AWC-UA STEM Futures Systems Engineering Program Details

In addition to Systems Engineering, students who intend to pursue other engineering fields may also take core engineering, science and math courses at AWC and transfer them to the universities of their choice. Please check out our current and future course offerings in the right column. Our course offerings cater to students in the following key engineering fields:

  1. Aerospace Engineering
  2. Civil and Environmental Engineering
  3. Chemical Engineering
  4. Electrical and Computer Engineering
  5. Materials Science and Engineering
  6. Mechanical Engineering
  7. Petroleum Engineering
  8. And many more... 


For advising or more information contact: 

Professor Ramon Cid (habla Espanol)
Professor of Engineering & Mathematics
Office: ET 117  Phone: (928)344-7753



Current and future course offerings: 

EGR 123 Introduction to Structured Programming 

(3 Credit Hours, Lec: 3)
PREREQUISITE: Either MAT 187 or both MAT 151 and MAT 183

Fundamentals of effective and efficient programming from a scientific point of view. Emphasis on problem-solving through structured programming techniques, use of application specific programs, and logical thought process in programming.

EGR 188 Fundamentals of Engineering Design 

(Credit Hours: 4 Lec: 3 Lab: 2 On Line EGR 1102)
PREREQUISITES: ENG 101 eligibility or completion of RDG 121 or appropriate reading score and either MAT 187 or both MAT 151 and MAT 183 or approved higher level math course

Engineering design, effective team participation and career preparation. Students are expected to participate in hands-on design projects, develop education/career plans and initiate development of the personal and management skills necessary for life-long learning.

EGR 251 Applied Mechanics - Statics 

(Credit Hours:  3 Lec:  3)

Fundamentals of applied mechanics, vector algebra, equivalent force systems, equations of equilibrium, structures, moments of plane areas, centroids, friction.


ECE 207  Elements of Electrical Engineering  

(Credit Hours: 3 Lec: 3)

Description:  Current and voltage dividers. Resistors, capacitors, inductors. Node voltage and mesh current analysis of circuits. Thevenin and Norton equivalents. AC circuits, phasors, impedance. Electromagnetic fields, electric power, transformers, magnetic materials, generators and motors. Operational amplifiers, Elements of digital circuits. Sensors and measurements of physical quantities

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