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Student Resources

Check out the information and links below on general education courses, writing intensive courses, transferability of courses and more!

Arizona General Education Curriculum - 'What You Need to Know'

Values Statement

Through the College’s general education, students examine the connecting links between various disciplines and the relationships among areas of knowledge. They discover both the ordering power and the potential limitations of the fundamental models of understanding that have shaped thinking throughout the history of civilization. General education acknowledges the dependence of thought upon these models and judges them through comparison with alternative models from other thinkers and cultures.

Arizona General Education Curriculum (AGEC)

There are three forms of the AGEC: AGEC-A (Arts) for those students majoring in the arts, humanities, or the social and behavioral sciences, AGEC-B (Business) for those students majoring in business, and AGEC-S (Science) for those students majoring in the physical and biological sciences or in the health related professions.

Awareness Areas (C,G, or H)

In addition to subject area requirements, the Arizona General Education Curriculum (AGEC) is designed to contribute to the development of an international perspective, an appreciation and awareness of cultural diversity, and an understanding of current human events by study of the past. These awareness areas are embedded into subject area courses listed within the Arizona General Education Curriculum (AGEC). Students must complete at least one course which advances ethnic/race/gender, that is, a cultural (C) awareness, and one course which advances global (G) or historical (H) awareness.

 Writing Intensive (WI)/Critical Inquiry

Arizona Western College believes writing provides students a unique opportunity to learn disciplinary content while mastering writing skills. Writing Intensive (WI) courses at Arizona Western College integrate writing assignments in ways that help students learn both the subject matter of the courses and discipline-specific ways of thinking and writing. Writing Intensive courses help develop students’ identities as good writers by linking their writing proficiency with their desire to know more about the field of study, to engage in questions in the discipline, and to become a participant in academic discourse.

The prerequisite for courses meeting the Writing Intensive/Critical Inquiry component is ENG 101 completion with a C or better. Writing Intensive/Critical Inquiry courses are identified by a WI following the course title. WI courses are capped at a maximum of 20 students.

General Education and Writing Intensive Course Links:

Links to other valuable student resources:

Before transfering be sure to visit the following sites:

Arizona Transfer
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Elaine Groggett
Director of Assessment, Program Review, Curriculum and Articulation  

Center for Teaching Effectiveness (CTE) Bldg,
Office 123
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Email: Elaine Groggett


Jessica Meneses       Curriculum Specialist
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