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TeachER of the YEar (TOY)

The Teacher of the Year Program recognizes and honors professional educators who have made lasting contributions to higher education in Yuma and La Paz Counties.  AWC identifies Teachers of the Year in two categories: Full-time and Adjunct Faculty.  AWC Teachers of the Year are presented to the education community at the Annual Yuma County Teacher of the Year Banquet, Sponsored by the Rotary, the Education Foundation of Yuma County and Arizona Western College.



Steven Moore (English)                                                Luis Martinez (adjunct, Mathematics)


Beverly Shaw (Nursing)


George Montopoli (Mathematics)
Maureen Garrett (adjunct, Geosciences)


Steven Lund (English as a Second Language)
Francisco Aguilar (adjunct, Physical Education)

Ellen Riek (English)
Fae Kauk (adjunct, English as a Second Language)


NISOD Excellence Award

NISOD is a membership organization committed to promoting and celebrating excellence in teaching, learning, and leadership at community and technical colleges.  Each year, AWC recogizes and celebrates those faculty who make a difference on our campuses.  Honorees are represented from the Academic Divisions:

  • Business and Computer Sciences
  • Career Technology
  • Communications
  • Fine Arts
  • Mathematics
  • Modern Languages
  • Physical, Health and Wellness
  • Science
  • Social Science

Congratulations to the NISOD Excellence Award Recipients

2015 Excellence Award Booklet

  •   Martha Martinez, Modern Language
  •   Renee Macaluso, Mathematics
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