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Writing Resources

Ideas are birthed from words

AWC is committed to developing academic writers capable of approaching a variety of writing assignments withthe requisite skills and confidence for success.In order to accomplish this goal the English department faculty have developed a common Writing Assignment Rubric and an updated Writing Guide.

The rubric is intended to serve as a model and the Writing Guide supports and explains various aspects of the writing process.Explicit writing expectations and evaluation in all of our AWC courses are critical elements in thedevelopment of successful academic writers; thus, whether you make use ofthis rubric or another you design within your department or your own course, ourdesire is to foster a campus of confident academic writers who understand what is asked of them in their written work, how it is evaluated, and how to improve upon that work.

In addition to these AWC materials there are several links below that address the development and assessment of academic writing assignments across disciplines, as well as writing resources to make available to our AWC students. This is the beginning of what we hope will develop into a comprehensive Writing Resources web pagetoserve the needs ofall of our AWC faculty and students.

Why Students Can't Write - A special report in The Atlantic magazine thatlooks at the successes and failures of teaching writing techniques, styles, and ideas.

Writing Assignments - A small sample of writing assignments created by AWC faculty.

Developing Writing Assignments

Evaluating Student Writing

Sample AWC Writing Assignment Rubrics

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