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Teaching Resources, Topics, Strategies, and Styles

Why reinvent the wheel?

Work smarter, not harder. Bogus buzzphrase? Unrealistic attempt to try to summarize a vast and deep sea of knowledge about teaching and learning? I don't know the answers but I did compile a non-exhaustive list of resources that may save you valuable time and allow you to focus your energy and creative juices toward improving your class as opposed to spending time surfing the internet for ideas, strategies, and styles related to teaching.

Each active link below is to a pdf file, which in turn has active links embedded in the file structure that directs you to another link related to some higher education topic, technique, idea, and so on.

5 Steps to Assess Your Instructional Goals 

7 Principles for Good Practice in Undergraduate Education

7 Steps for Course Design

7 Teaching Styles- A Summary

8 Simple Techniques to Motivate Students

11 Strategies to Get Students to Read What's Assigned 

20 Ways to Make Lecture More Participatory

50 Ways to Lure Your Learner

Academic Integrity- A Letter to Students

Advantages and Disadvantages of Lecture

Answering and Asking Questions (See also Effective Questioning Techniques, Five Basic Types of Questions, and Three Types of Questions to Build Comprehension)

Backward Course Design

College Classroom Environment Inventory

Common Teaching Methods Part 1

Common Teaching Methods Part 2

Creating and Managing Student Learning Groups

Dealing with Difficult Students

Difference Between Teaching and Instruction

Engaging Students in Online Forums

Evaluating PowerPoint as a Teaching Tool

General Classroom Issues and Tips

How Do I Motivate Students?


Improving as a Faculty Through Self-Observation

Learning Portfolios: Creative Connections Between Formal and Informal Learning

Learning Through Effective Teaching

Library of Congress Video and Podcasts

Making the Most of Multiple-Choice Questions

NBC Learn (NBC = National Broadcasting Company)

New Faculty Resource Guide (Virginia Commonwealth University)

Peer Mentor-Led Writing Groups

Plagiarism Links Part 1

Plagarism Links Part 2

Public Webcasts of Education EDUCAUSE Annual Conference 2012

Scholarship of Teaching and Learning

Smithsonian Education Report

Strategies for Avoiding Plagiarism

Student Absenteeism- Filling Empty Chairs

Summary of Selected Quick and Easy Classroom Assessment Techniques (CATs)

Teaching Activities and Techniques

Teaching Goals Inventory (TGI): 5 Easy Steps to Assess Your Instructional Goals

Teaching Resources (Indiana University-Bloomington)

Teaching Resources Listed by Discipline (University of Michigan)

Teaching Strategies Compilation (University of Michigan)

Teaching Strategies (University of Kansas)

Teaching Strategies for Today's Students

Teaching Style Survey

Teaching Styles

Teaching Tips for Faculty Development

Teaching Topics (Vanderbilt University)

Teaching Topics (University of Illinois-Urbana)

Teaching Topics Overview (Cornell University)

Teaching Transdisciplinarity in a Discipline-Centered World

Teaching Video Archive (University of South Carolina)

Technology Use in Teaching and Learning

The Flipped Classroom

Tips for Teaching Non-Traditional Students

TPI- Teaching Perspectives Inventory

Two Approaches to Case-Based Teaching in Science: Tales from Two Professors

Understanding Great Teaching

Understanding or Memorization

Using Video in Your Lecture

Video Tutorials on Teaching and Technology Use (Virginia Commonwealth University)

What the Best College Teachers Do

Why Students Can't Write- A Special Report (The Atlantic magazine)

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