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Learning Techniques, Strategies, and Activities

The -ism's of learning:

The higher education literature is replete with all sorts of -ism's associated with the learning cycle or process: constructivism, behaviorism, cognitivism, rationalism, and so on. Each -ism has its own theoretical (and oftentimes abstract) construct and assumptions. But as we all know from empirical evidence and experience, the cycle of learning is not a nicely packaged, well defined discrete entity but rather it's an overlapping continuum of processes that work well for a particular student population and perhaps not so well with another different student population. So as a faculty it's best to have a broad portfolio of learning techniques that you can employ, when appropriate, in your class. The links below describe a number of learning techniques that may fit smartly into your teaching "bag of tricks". Enjoy.

Active Learning An Introduction

Active Learning Techniques

Active Learning Techniques in Class

Cognitive Development and Learning

Collaborative Learning Methods- How To Do It

Collaborative Learning- National Institute of Science Education

Contextual Teaching and Learning

Cooperative Learning

Cooperative Learning- Collective Cognitive Abilities

Creativity and Writing: The Postcard Project

Determining What Students Know

Encouraging Undergraduate Class Participation

Experience Based Learning Systems (EBLS)

Experiential Learning from EBLS 

Helping Students Develop Critical Thinking Skills

How Students Learn- A Compilation of Styles and Links Part 1

How Students Learn- A Compilation of Styles and Links Part 2

I Hate to Read- What's to be Done?

Learning Through Technology

Music, Anticipatory Sets, and Learning

Participatory Pedagogy: A Compass for Transformative Learning?

Teaching and Learning with Technology Symposium Videos- Southern Illinois University

Two Approaches to Case-Based Teaching in Science: Tales from Two Professors

Understanding or Memorization

Value of Distance Learning for Developmental English Students

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