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Internet Resources/Websites

Organizing and developing a bona fide and challenging college course is a daunting effort. So much to do. So much knowledge and topic coverage to include. So little time in the comparatively short academic calendar to accomplish this noble feat. Many faculty rely on the internet for help as is well known the internet is a vast electronic library of human knowledge. But navigating the internet for specific knowledge can sometimes be frustrating and time-consuming.

At the CTE we want to help you maximize your time in developing your course. Basically, spend less time searching for reputable internet resources to incorporate into your course and more time actually using those reputable resources in the classroom. Hence, the creation of the Digital Resources spreadsheet.

Beginning the 2012 fall semester the CTE started compiling a non-exhaustive list of internet and digital educational media (namely, live and archived webcasts, video lectures, roundtable conference discussions, et al) sites that may prove beneficial as either primary or supplemental material in your classroom. The Excel spreadsheet containing this list can be downloaded by clicking here.

Each worksheet is identified with/grouped into a generic, broad, and easily recognized name (University Videocasts, Economics/Political Science, Science, and so on) and contains a list of web addresses (note- the web addresses are not hyperlinked). To move from one worksheet to another, click on the right/left arrowhead symbols (3 or 4) located on the bottom of the Excel screen.

Not all AWC disciplines taught are represented singly. For example, under the worksheet entitled Science one will find internet resources of science sub-disciplines such as Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and so on.

It's the CTE's hope that these sites will prove useful in one way or another in developing your course. If you have other sites not on the list but you wish to share, then please send me (Scott Donnelly, CTE Director) the URL. Thank you.

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