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Professional development day 2013

The annual AWC Professional Development Day (PDD) for faculty was held Thursday, February 14. The number of oral presentations (length = 45 minutes) totaled 25 whereas the number of presentations related to improving technology skills (length = 90 minutes) totaled seven. Links to certain oral presentations and technology sessions given at the PDD are located at the bottom of this webpage. Click here to download the 2013 PDD program.

This year's adopted theme revolved around Critical Thinking. As such three videos were shown at the PDD related to current brain/neuroscience research. Links to these three videos are below:


Video Title


1. Daniel Walpert: The Real Reason for Brains


2. Gero Miesenboeck Reengineers a Brain


3. Sebastian Seung: I Am My Connectome


The keynote speaker was Erich Uffelman, Cincinnati (Endowed) Professor of Chemistry at Washington & Lee University in Lexington, VA. The keynote address was entitled Adventures in the Conservation Science of Cultural Hertitage Objects. The address focused on 17th century Dutch painters and illustrated the interdisciplinary character of conservation science. This type of research and intellectual pursuit is especially conducive to undergraduate coursework as it brings together students from diverse academic and professional disciplines and challenges them to learn something outside their chosen discipline or degree program. Go to for an interactive map showing the principle centers of 17th century Dutch artistic production and the painters who authored these works.

Links to Videos of PDD Technology Sessions:

Mary Kay Harton (Dean of Campus Life) and John Edmundson (AWC Chief of Police)- Safety, Security, and Sanity 

Diana Doucette (Director of Financial Services)- EXCEL, P-Card Spreadsheets, Datatel Queries and Formulas

Rene Pack (Project Assistant, HSI STEM Pipeline Grant)- ACCESS Queries, Reports, and Forms


Documents/Presentation Slides for PDD Oral Presentations Given:

As a professional courtesy, please give proper acknowledgement to the presenter's work if you use in part or in whole their presentation material that they have generously made available. 

Chris Benker (Geosciences)- Classroom Strategies: What Does and Does Not Work

Dave Sylvester (Nursing)- Beyond Bloom's Taxonomy: How Do We Access Student Critical Thinking?

David Burris (Philosophy)- Dare to Disagree: The Art of Fostering Constructive Disagreement in the Classroom; Dare to Disagree Handout #1; Dare to Disagree Handout #2

David Hannah (English)- The Mystery of the 21st Century: Teaching the Technological Student

Diana Doucette (Financial Services)- EXCEL, P-Card, Spreadsheets, Datatel Queries, and Formulas

Ervin Barnes (Education)- Accommodating Veterans in the Classrooms

Kevin Young (Biology)- Creativity as a Means to Problem-Solving

Laura Sandigo (AccessABILITY Resource Cooordinator)- Equal Access in Instruction: The Role of the Instructor

Luis Martinez (Mathematics)- Your Future: From Sustainable to Synergistic

Marshmallow Challenge- Directions & Supplies; Video (Vicki Ardisana, NAU-Yuma Associate Clinical Professor, deserves thanks for suggesting this activity.)

Monica Ketchum (History)- The Gadsden Purchase...Manifest Destiny Complete?

Ric Jahna (English)- You Think You're Better'n Me? The Trashed White Body in American Popular Culture

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