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Faculty Orientation Spring 2015

Welcome to the AWC faculty corps! As a new full-time or adjunct faculty you will be asked to contribute to the overall intellectual and academic success of the institution. We in the CTE look forward to your intellectual and professional contributions to and explorations of the world of ideas and higher order thinking. Click here for an aerial view of the AWC Main Campus and the relative location of the CTE.

As you are aware every organization has a way that it goes about its business and has a way to communicate what needs to be done and when. AWC as a human organization is no different. As a new faculty communication of instructional issues is done via the AWC email system. Check email at least four times every week! 

The faster you learn the organization's culture, language and process of communication, and its ins-and-outs, then the easier the transition to college-level instruction. Below is a list of documents that reflect how AWC carries out its business with respect to instruction. Over the course of the semester you will receive via the AWC email system and at the appropriate time all or some of these documents again from the Vice President for Learning Sevices, Linda Elliott-Nelson. In the meantime all the documents listed below will be available on this CTE website for the entire 2015 Spring semester.

For copying needs use the Print Services Lab (unofficially known as the Print Shop). Each faculty member can make up to 1,000 copies per day on white paper at no charge. 500 colored copies are allowed per day at no charge. If you teach a night course and can't get to the Print Services Lab before it closes (5:00pm), then email your documents to be copied to the Division secretary (see Phone Numbers & Other Important Information link below). Make sure you work out a plan where the copies will be left for you to pick them up. Copy requests also can be submitted electronically. Click here to access the Print Services login page.

Good luck this semester! 

15 Practical Strategies to Help New Faculty Survive (PowerPoint slides)

23 Practical Strategies for New Faculty to Survive (abridged)

Agenda for Spring 2015 New Adjunct Faculty Orientation (NAFO)

Academic Calendar Important Dates

AccessABILITY Resource Services (ADA compliance)

AccessABILITY Resource Services (AWC website)

AWC Schedule of Classes

Blackboard Help (AWC website)

Blackboard Help (company website)

Blackboard (Bb) Training Schedule (AWC), Spring 2015

Blackboard (Bb), How to Enter Attendance and Grades

Blackboard (Bb), How to Upload a File

Class Policy Signature Sheet (relevant to Course Syllabus/Course Outline presentation)

Classroom Situations/Scenarios Encountered in Teaching

Copyright Links

Developing Effective Guidelines for Faculty Teaching First-Year University Students (peer-reviewed article)

Disciplinary Services

Emergency Numbers & Preparedness

English Composition Instructors' Information Website

Faculty Appraisal Handbook (Revision 2011)

Federal Student Aid Information Sheet and Financial Aid (AWC)

FERPA- Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act

FERPA (to AWC link)

New Full-time Faculty:

No-Show (NS) Grade Input

Problems with Classroom Technology, Locked Out of Class, etc.- Contacts

Professional Development Schedule, Spring 2015

R.A.I.S.E. (Raising Academic Integrity Standards in Education)

Sample Course Outlines and Articles

Student Behavior #1: Responding to Disruptive or Threatening Student Behavior

Student Behavior #2: How to Handle Annoying and Disruptive Students

Student Behavior #3: Dealing with Difficult Students

Student Behavior #4: Incident Reporting Form

Student Behavior #5: Creating a Safe and Academic Classroom

Student Petition for Instructional Issues

Writing Fellows Contact Info (Faculty Helping Faculty with Writing Intensive Courses)...coming January 2015

Writing Intensive Course Guidelines

Click here for the presentation (pdf format) Welcome/Introduction to CTE given by Scott Donnelly.

Teaching/Learning documents (pdf format):

Learning Through Effective Teaching

Seven Principles for Good Practice in Undergraduate Education

Understanding Great Teaching

What New Faculty Need to Know About Assessment

What the Best College Teachers Do

Click here for the presentation Student Services and Faculty: A Study in Cross-Pollination (pdf format) given on Day 1 by Bryan Doak, Dean of Admissions and Enrollment Services.

Click here for the presentation (pdf format) Safety, Sanity, and Security given on Day 1 by Mary Kay Harton, Dean of Campus Life. To watch the video for this topic click here.

Click here for the presentation (pdf format) Syllabus and Course Outline given on Day 1 by Scott Donnelly, Director of the CTE.

Click here for the presentation (pdf format) Printing Logistics given on Day 2 by Scott Donnelly, Director of the CTE.

Click here for the presentation (pdf format) Classroom Scenarios given on Day 2 by Scott Donnelly, Director of the CTE.

Click here for the presentation (pdf format) Overview of Instructional Technology given on Day 2 by Scott Donnelly, Director of the CTE.

Click here for the presentation (pdf format) Faculty Resources given on Day 2 by Scott Donnelly, Director of the CTE.

Click here for the presentation (pdf format) Overview of Faculty Appraisal (full-time faculty orientation) given on Day 1 by Scott Donnelly, Director of the CTE.

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