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2008-2009 GE Written Communication Assessment Rubric

(as approved and adopted by the LEAP Committe 01/26/09)









Provides clear, specific thesis and audience awareness

Provides specific thesis and audience awareness

Provides thesis

Thesis is unclear

No thesis present

Analytical Content

Demonstrates original thinking and depth of analysis

Demonstrates analytical ability

Demonstrates partial ability to analyze

Demonstrates little or no analytical ability

Demonstrates no ability to analyze the material

Organization / paragraph development

Uses organization & development of controlling idea with specifics and transitions

Uses organization in most paragraphs, some specifics and transitions.

Uses limited organization, somewhat inconsistent specifics and transitions.

Uses insufficient organization, few specifics, little or no unity or transitions

Uses no visible organization, significant examples or unity within & between paragraphs

Mechanics and Syntax

Possesses high proficiency in grammar usage, spelling, punctuation, sentence variety and clarity

Possesses adequate grammatical proficiency, accuracy in mechanics & some variety in sentence structure.


Shows grammatical inconsistency, poor spelling, punctuation & moderate use of sentence variety.


Lacks proficiency in grammar, spelling, and punctuation, Rare use of sentence variety; poor clarity.

 Persistently lacks accuracy in grammar, spelling, and punctuation. No sentence variety; poor clarity.


Format (MLA or APA) is used consistently and correctly.

Format (MLA or APA) is mostly used consistently and correctly.

Format (MLA or APA) is moderately used consistently and correctly.

Format (MLA or APA) is rarely used consistently or correctly.

Format (MLA or APA) is used inconsistently, incorrectly or not at all.

The rubric displayed above is used for scoring of the Arizona Western College General Education Outcomes Assessment in Written Communication. Students graduating from AWC may be required to demonstrate a writing sample during their application for graduation.

For questions regarding this rubric or the assessment program, please contact the Office of Assessment and Program Review at 344-7664.

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