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OFFICE OF Vice President for Learning Services

"The Office of the Vice President for Learning Services is responsible for the academic programs and coordinates all courses scheduled and instructor assignments. The work is done in cooperation with the Associate Deans."

Vice President for Learning Services -   
Dr. Linda Elliott-Nelson

Administrative Assistant - Corrine Gray


Business and Computer Information Systems

The Business and Computer Information Systems Division provides dynamic educational opportunities to a diverse population that emphasize skills, knowledge and individual enrichment that will empower the student to meet the challenges of a rapidly changing world. We offer courses with the prefixes of: ACC, BUA, CIM, CIS, CSC, ECN, ENT, FIN, HRM, LAS, LGS, MGT, MKT, QBA.
Division Chair for Business and Computer Information Systems- Mary Sue DePuy


Courses in Communications are designed to assist students towards a better understanding of the languages and interrelationships of people and institutions and the complex world of cultures in which we live. We offer courses with the prefixes of: ENG, HON, JRN, RDG, SPC.
Division Chairs for CommunicationsDr. Michael Miller and Donna Taylor

Fine Arts

The Fine Arts Division aspires to provide students with the education necessary to be successful in a wide variety of careers. With an emphasis focused on the arts and associated arts, students can understand the diverse fields in the arts of today.  We offer courses with the prefixes of: ARH, ART, BDC, DNC, GRA, MUS, THE, TVP.
Division Chair for Fine ArtsDr. Shawn Pollard


The Mathematics Division aspires to provide students with the education necessary to be successful in both the mathematical and engineering fields.  Students are introduced to a variety of solutions and procedures from beginning to engineering to statistics.  We offer courses with the prefixes of EGR, MAT, SIE.  
Co-Division Chairs for MathematicsReetika Dhawan and Renee Macaluso

Modern Languages

The Modern Languages Division works to provide students with the knowledge and education to understand our languages and communication between diversities in today’s culture.  Students can build self-confidence through learning to go out and achieve their personal best through the dynamics of modern languages.  We offer courses with the prefixes of: ARB, ASL, ESL, FRE, GER, SEI, SLT, SPA.  
Division Chair for Modern LanguagesEarl Smith


The Science Division aspires to provide students with the education necessary to be successful in a wide variety of careers.  Subjects range in Astrology, Biology, Oceanography, as well as many traditional sciences.  Students have many areas to explore.  We offer courses with the prefixes of: AGB, AGS, ANS, AST, BIO, CHM, ENV, GLG, GPH, OCN, PHY, PLS.
Division Chair for Science Dr. Joann Chang

Social Sciences

The Social Sciences Division focuses on the learning aspects of the social related sciences and subjects which we use in our daily lifestyles.  We offer a wide variety of classes ranging from Family Studies to Geography and Nutrition.  Students have a chance to learn the social meanings and step by step processes through a diverse pool of classes.  We offer courses with the prefixes of: AIS, ANT, AWC, ECE, EDU, FAS, GEO, HIS, NTR, ORI, PHI, POS, PSY, REL, SOC, STU.
Division Chair for Social SciencesPatricia Powers

Physical and Wellness Education

The Physical and Wellness Education Division encourages students to become familiar with the physical activities that help support and enrich a healthy lifestyle.  Students are introduced to both indoor and outdoor activities.  We offer courses with the prefixes of: EXW, PED, PEM, PER, PTR, REC, WED.
Division Chair for Physical and Wellness EducationJane Peabody 

Assessment, Program Review, Curriculum and Articulation

The Assessment, Program Review, Curriculum and Articulation serves to help campus-wide assessment efforts to improve student learning and assists faculty in the design and updating of degree programs, trains staff in the various components of the 1999 Arizona Transfer Model and use of the state website, submits courses to the universities for evaluation, and is the contact for articulation of courses and programs with regionally accredited post-secondary institutions.
Director of Assessment, Program Review, Curriculum, and Articulation - Elaine Groggett

Center for Teaching Effectiveness (CTE)

The Center for Teaching Effectiveness was established to provide unlimited capacity for professional growth and development to the faculty, staff and administration of Arizona Western College. The CTE has made a commitment to provide the resources necessary to assure a comprehensive program that will meet the constantly changing needs faculty face in the 21st century teaching-learning paradigm.
Director of CTE - Liz Renaud

Distance Education

Arizona Western College has a robust distance education program including online courses, hybrid courses, interactive television courses and courses broadcast on cable television.  The Distance Education Office provides training and support for teachers and students to help create and maintain a quality learning experience.  Services include early alert support, course development, quality control, ITN installation and technical support, student and faculty orientations, and many others.
Associate Dean for Distance Education - Jana Moore

Honors Program

The Honors Program of Arizona Western College's goal is to provide some of our finest students with an academic experience designed to promote their intellectual and emotional growth. Our Honors Program hosts degrees in three areas: Liberal Arts, General Studies, and Discretional Honors.
Director for the Honors Program- Dr. Jane DeLaurier

La Paz County

La Paz Counties provides learning opportunities for students in Parker, Quartzsite and various communities in La Paz County. 
Associate Dean for La Paz County Services - Katheline Ocampo

South Yuma County

AWC has centers in San Luis and Somerton. South Yuma County Arizona Western College provides quality education, student satisfaction, enrichment opportunities, and success for families in our growing communities.
Associate Dean for South Yuma County - Everardo Martinez

East Yuma County, Wellton Learning Center

East Yuma County, Wellton Learning Center offers full array of academic services. Center AssistantJosefa Uriarte

For information on:

courses with prefixes the of: ACR, AHE, AJS, ARC, AUT, CET, CHW, CTM, CUL, DFT, ECT, EMS, FSC, HLS, IWT, LET, LMT, MAS, MFG, NUR, PCT, RAD, RCT, SLR, TEC, and WLD, please contact the Career and Technical Education.

For more information, please contact
Corrine Gray, or call us at: (928) 344-7519

The Vice President for Learning Services' office is located in the CTE Building, Office #103.

Learning Services
Arizona Western College
Vice President for Learning Services
PO Box 929
Yuma, Arizona 85366-0929
FAX: (928) 317-6022

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