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Earth Quake Emergency Procedures

The potential for an earthquake does exist in Yuma. If a major earthquake were to occur, Arizona Western College must be prepared to provide its own resources for an unlimited period of time.

If Inside:
  • Stay inside! Do not run outside during the quake. (Do not use elevators!)
  • Take cover underneath a desk or table, protecting your head or neck.
  • Stay away from windows and objects that could fall on you.
  • Once the quake is over, leave the building and go to the safe zones, stay away from trees and poles.
  • Be prepared for aftershocks.
  • Authorized personnel will announce if it is safe to return to your building.
If Outside:
  • Run to an area away from trees, buildings, walls, and power lines.
  • Drop to your knees and get into a fetal position, close your eyes and cross your arms over the back of your neck for protection.
  • Stay fetal position until the shaking stops.
  • Once the quake is over go to safe zone.
After Shaking Stops:
  • Do not use regular or cellular telephones except to report serious injuries.
  • Be prepared to evacuate. Go to the safe zones.
  • Assist in the building evacuation of persons with special needs.
  • Tune portable radios to an Emergency Broadcast Station (EBS), and follow instructions given.
  • Call the AWC Campus Police Department or authorized personnel will provide instructions for immediate action.
  • Do not enter any building for any reason unless authorized to do so by a member of the Emergency Response team.
  • The Director of Facilities will determine and announce that a building(s) are safe to re-enter.
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