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Divisions and staff


Director of Treasury Services
Teresa L. Finley

Supervises Account Receivable, Payroll, Accounting, Financial Aid Disbursement and Conferences & Events.
Director of Financial Services
Diana Doucette

Provides accounting functions for all Grants excluding student financial aid & accounting functions for all capital assets. Prepares & monitors college budgets. Supervises Accounts Payable.
Johanna Calderon
Processes & maintains accounting functions and ensures compliance with regulations.
Carol Hartz                                                  Processes & maintains accounting functions and ensures compliance with regulations.                                       
Accounting Specialist                                   Rose Wingfield                                                Assists Director of Financial Services and maintains accounting functions.
Administrative Assistant/                          Travel Supervisor
Karyn Van Why   
Assistant to Vice President of Finance and Administrative Services and supervises Travel Specialist.

Travel Specialist
Wendy Moore
Responsible for auditing of all employee travel and student field trips.
Acounts Payable Supervisor
Connie Wofford

Responsible for payment of AWC vendors. 
Accounts Payable
Olga Escalante

Processes the Accounts Payable checks to pay the College's vendors.
Accounts Receivable Supervisor 
Brenda Letendre

Responsible for the control, collection and accounting of all college revenue. Supervises the Cashiers.     
Accounts Receivable and Sponsor              Billing Specialist
Danelle Palmer

Responsible for the Accounts Receivable functions of 3rd party agencies & processing invoices.
Accounts Receivable Specialist
Vanessa Weaver

Responsible for processing invoices and Accounts Receivable functions.

Lynne Martin

Responsible for payment processing and distributing part-time and work-study/college payroll student paychecks.
Jodi L. Buntin

Responsible for payment processing and distributing part-time and work-study/college payroll student paychecks.       
Business Services                                      Disbursement Accountant
Pearl Rodriguez

Responsible for the Financial Aid Accounting functions of the College. Supervises the disbursement office.
Disbursement Specialist
Isabel Banuelos

Processes & assists with grant receipt records, loans & scholarship disbursements for Financial Aid recipients.  Ensures compliance with regulations.
Disbursement Clerk
Nickzel Lezama

Assists with grant receipt records, loans & scholarship disbursements for Financial Aid recipients.                                     
Payroll Specialist
Debra Good

Responsible for processing the payroll for AWC employees and tax sheltered annuities.
Information Center Assistant
Janet Lora

Operates the entire college telephone switchboard.
Director Conference & Events
April Haile

Providing vision & leadership in the development and management of the College's Community Conference Center.
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