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Arithmetic Review

Math 71 Refresher

Math 81 Refresher


Math 122 Refresher

Math 187 Refresher Course
Math 220 Refresher Course
Curriculum Curriculum Curriculum Curriculum Curriculum Curriculum
Enrollment Code Enrollment Code Enrollment Code Enrollment Code Enrollment Code Enrollment Code offers several noncredit online adaptive courses, which can help students review for their math classes before taking them. Consider three AWC students Marisol,  Hector, & Lizbeth who want to complete all their math classes at AWC.

If Marisol has to take Math 121 during the next semester, but took Math 81 three years ago, she may enroll in the Math 81 Refresher course. After Marisol completes the Math 81 Refresher course she will be ready for Math 121.

Also, if Hector failed or dropped his Math 121 class, he might choose to take the Math 81 Refresher course online.  After completing the online adaptive course then Hector can retake Math 121 and pass it successfully since he reviewed the basics.  

Now, lets say Lizbeth is going to take the ACCUPLACER.  Lizbeth may choose to enroll in an ACCUPLACER course before taking it in order to be placed in a higher math class. Lizbeth placed into Math 121 after taking the refresher course and taking the ACCUPLACER.  Otherwise, Lizbeth would have been placed into Math 71.

There is no credit offered for any of these courses.  The cost of each course if $11.50 for 16 week access. If you have any questions contact Sotero Alvarado.

More about adaptive courses.  An adaptive course is a "smart course", which tests each student and determines each particular student's weaknesses.  Then the course provides examples, video lectures, and exercises for the student to complete. The advantage of adaptive courses is that students will not be assigned material they already know.

Please contact Sotero Alvarado if you have any questions.

Sotero Alvarado, MA
Math Center Coordinator

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