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Full-time Faculty

Mizaba Abedi, Ph.D.
Professor of English
(928) 314-9424
Office: San Luis Center



Barbara Belobaba, M.A. 
Professor of English
(928) 344-7545
Office: LR 058

 Barbara Belobaba

Troy Burns, M.A., M.Ed. 
Professor of English
(928) 344-7645
Office: LR 061



Penny Cooper, M.A. 
Professor of English
(928) 344-7785
Office: LR 062

 Penelope Cooper


Denice Fregozo, M.A. 
Professor of English
(928) 344-7534
Office: LA 104



Sonja Greiner
Professor of Reading
(928) 314-7735
Office: LR 233

Sonja Greiner.JPG

Richard Jahna 
Professor of English
(928) 314-9558
Office: LR 066


Joanne Krueger, M.A. 
Professor of English
(928) 344-7639
Office: LR 059

Joanne Krueger

Eric Lee
Professor of English
(928) 344-7666
Office: LR 063


Michael Miller, Ph.D.
Professor of English
(928) 344-7795
Office: LR 072

Michael Miller

Stephen Moore, M.A. 
Professor of English
(928) 317-6059
Office: ES 100

Ellen Riek, Ed.D.
Professor of English
(928) 344-7549
Office: ES 123

 Ellen Riek

Edward Schubert, M.A.
Professor of English
(928) 317-7604
Office: LR 060


 Ed Schubert

Donna Taylor, M.A. 
Professor of Reading
(928) 317-7606
Office: LR 065


 Donna Taylor

Anne Marie Thweatt
Professor of English
(928) 314-7741
Office: LR 231

Ann Marie Thwett.JPG

Hollie Villanueva
Professor of English
(928) 317-6480
Office: SC 204

Holly Villenueva.JPG

Scott Wheatley
Professor of English
(928) 314-9424
Office: San Luis Center


Jane Williams
Professor of English
(928) 317-6460
Office: LR 217

 Jane E Williams

 Associate Faculty

To contact Associate Faculty at AWC, please e-mail them at first name.last  (Example:

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