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Human Resource FAQs

Q. When do I get paid and how can I enroll in direct deposit?
A.   AWC pays on a bi-weekly basis, every other Thursday. When you are first hired you will have an appointment with Mrs. Patty Jimenez, AWC Benefits Specialist.  She will assist you through benefits and all essential forms, including forms necessary for  direct deposit.  You will need a voided check from your checking or savings account to begin the process.

Q. Where can I find more information about the Educational Growth that is promoted by AWC and the form that needs completed?
A. Please follow the link below to obtain an informational page for Educational Growth and the forms necessary to apply.

Portable Document Format Faculty & Counselors
Portable Document Format Professional/Administrative
Portable Document Format Classified

Q. Where is the Human Resources Department Located? 
A. The Human Resources Department is located on the MEZZANINE floor, of the College Community Center (3C) Building.  The Mezzanine is between the bottom and the top floors by stairs and by pushing the "MEZZ" button on the elevator panel.

Q. Who is the Title IX Compliance Officer for Arizona Western College?
A. The Title IX Compliance Office for Arizona Western College is:

 Kari Heilman
Office: 2A21 located in 3C Building-Mezzanine Floor
Phone: (928) 344-7504

Q. What is covered by the Health Insurance through AWC?
A. Please refer to the Summary Plan Document via the link below that explains coverage for the health, dental and vision coverage.

Portable Document Format YABC Summary Plan

Q. What is meant by in-network versus out-of-network for the health insurance?
A. Our health insurance is set up with a network of providers or doctors that our employees can go to and thus they are considered to be in-network. You can go to a doctor outside of the network of doctors but please note that the insurance will pay a lower percentage. Please refer to the our Summary Plan Document at the previous link to note the percentage covered for in-network verses out-of-network doctors.

Q. Where do I find a list of the network of providers so I can check to see if my doctor is in or out-of-network?
A. YABC contracts with the Blue Cross/Blue Shield network of providers. You can access the provider listing at:

Q. Is there a deductible for the health insurance plan?
A. Yes, each covered person for an in-network provider is $500 and for out-of-network is $1500. For family coverage the deductible for an in-network provider is $1,000 and for out-of-network is $3,000.  More information is available on the website, and through Mrs. Patty Jimenez, AWC Benefits Specialist.

Q. Where can I find information about the Flexible Benefits Plan?
A. For more information about the Flexible Benefits Plan and to get a list of eligible expenses for medical reimbursement, follow the link below.  You should also call Mrs. Patty Jimenez, AWC Benefits Specialist.

FSA - Eligible Expense Items

Q. Where can I find more information about the Arizona State Retirement System?
A. The Arizona State Retirement System (ASRS) link will connect you with the direct website for more information.
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