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Speakers' Bureau

Need a special presentation to highlight a meeting or class?
The Speakers' Bureau is made up of a group of experts from the AWC campus. The speakers can custom tailor their talks to fit your program needs; the list of topics on this website is only a sample. Feel free to contact the experts directly, or contact the Speakers' Bureau at (928) 314-9594 for more information.


Angie Creel, Director of Library Services
Topics: Libraries are for everyone. With over 15 years experience in library work, Ms. Creel-Erb would like to connect the community with the resources available to them.
(928) 344-7776

Cecilia Vigil, Professor of Biology & Futures STEM Grant Director
Topics: Bats
(928) 344-7719

Christina Hawkey, Professor of Family Studies
Topics: Family Studies, Dating, Marriage
(928) 317-6421

Cookie Little, Professor of Nursing
Topics: Health, Wellness, Heart Health, Nursing, Health Professions
(928) 317-6038

Dave Sisson, Professor of Electric Wiring
Topics: Electrical Construction Trades, Construction Trades Program
(928) 317-7623

Elizabeth Renaud, Professor of Early Childhood Education
Topics: Native Hawaiian Dance, Early Childhood
(928) 314-7560

Fred Croxen, Professor of Geology
Topics: Geology, Paleontology, Ground Water
(928) 344-7586

Kenneth Dale, Head Soccer Coach and Professor of History
Topics: College Athletics
(928) 317-7600

Mary Sue DePuy, Professor of Economics
Topics: Educational Issues, Business and Economics Issues
(928) 317-6111

Melissa Behunin, Professor of Family Studies and Psychology
Topics: Marriage and Family
(928) 344-7556

Nancy Blitz, ESL Professor
Topics: "A Whirlwind Tour of Mexico's Education, History and Culture", Second Language Acquisition
(928) 314-7677

Patricia Powers, Professor of Education
Topics: Education, Special Education
(928) 317-6051

Scott Donnelly, Professor of Chemistry
Topics: Future Energy Challenges
(928) 344-7590

Victoria Holas, Director of Radiology Technology Program
Topics: Radiologic Technology, Caribbean Life, Sexual Harassment in the Workplace
(928) 314-9574
Linda Elliot-Nelson, Vice President for Learning Services
Topics: Language Acquisition, Learning for Adults, Accreditation
(928) 344-7516

Shelly Sizemore, Radiologic Technology Clinical Coordinator
Radiologic Technology

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