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Our Brand

Branding is a promise, a pledge of quality. It is the essence of an experience, including
why it is great, and how it is better than all competitor’s offerings. It is an image. It
is the intangible, but real, value of combination's of words, letters, symbols, and colors
that are associated with an experience. It is the process in which the character of
an institution is communicated. It includes any experience that a potential student,
faculty, the community or business partner might have with the institution. (From logo,
signage, architecture, landscaping, to interaction with a Website). The impression that is created in the mind of the viewer or visitor establishes a perception that differentiates and sets Arizona Western College apart from other academic institutions.

AWC Brand Essentials (.PDF)

Elements of Our Brand


Communications for AWC should project an academic institution, but should do so through designs that portray feelings of safety and community. Language should be simple, honest and direct. This is a case where “less is more”. Ideas should be simple and concise.


Photographic subjects should not appear staged or posed, but caught in a genuine moment of learning or life experience. Subjects should be looking into the camera. Showing students interacting with instructors or other students will communicate the open, fun, comfortable, honest experience students and faculty have at AWC. All photography should be utilized for the most part using natural lighting. The cropping should be tight to make viewers feel as if they are part of the experience.

Design Elements

Designs should combine clean and simple elements. The elements utilized should invoke a sense of safety, familiarity and a feeling of community. The combination of elements should appear stable but not static. There should be enough movement to the elements to speak to this idea of opportunity and responsiveness but not too quick as to remove the familiarity and comfort from the designs.

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