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Yuma Historical Photos
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Yuma Historic Photos

The images in the Historic Yuma photo folder are available for on-campus use, and may be ordered through the Arizona Western College Office of Public Relations & Marketing.

Please submit the completed order form. Your prints will be produced on campus in the Print Services Department. Your budget code will be used to process the payment for your order. Each image is priced at $1.12 per square foot.

Price for standard print sizes are

24"x36" = $6.72

20"x24" = $3.58

16"x20" = $2.39

11"x14" = $1.22

8"x10" = $.55

5"x7" = $.28

Your completed prints will be delivered to your area (as designated on the order form).

You are submitting an order for the print ONLY. Framing, mounting and hanging will be your responsibility.

Please note, college funds can be used for professional use only. Prints will remain the property of Arizona Western College.

If you have questions about the ordering process please contact AWC Public Relations & Marketing (928) 344-9594, or (928) 314-9595,



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 Budget Authority

 Delivery Location

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Rights for these historic photo reprints were purchased with funds made available by the Arizona Western College Foundation.

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