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Technology Initiative

Who’s this guy in the hat asking me questions?

Hello there! 

If we haven’t met yet, I’m Devin, the Technology Initiative Coordinator for the Partners Advancing Completion through Transfer Opportunities (PACTO) project.  You may have seen me in such settings as “The guy killing Query Builder”, or “That database geek”, or even “Who the heck does he think he is, telling me we’ll have no more reports?!”  Suffice to say, my primary mission as part of the PACTO grant is to increase our data-based decision making.  To do that, I am helping to improve and simplify the College’s access to its data.

The PACTO project is a Department of Education grant meant to increase student graduation and successful transfer to NAU-Yuma in pursuit of a baccalaureate.  My coordination directly affects the future use of the Colleague (misnomered ‘Datatel’) and the related Colleague Reporting and Operating Analytics information systems.  These tools increase our data-based decision making through improved access, responsiveness, and the implementation of a more-flexible reporting and analysis tool.

I am working for and in conjunction with the Colleague Back to Basics committee as part of the Colleague optimization project.  I also participate in the Ellucian Steering Committee meetings providing reports on the health of the data and progress on the review of custom objects within the information system.  But overall, I am here to help you with the database and the system behind the scenes.  I may likely ask for your permission to rearrange a few things but not without explaining why first.  I look forward to working with you and if I haven’t given you a good reason to trust why I’ve walked across campus to chat about something related to Colleague or why you may happen to find yourself in a room with me looking at a lists and reports on the overhead, please let me know. 

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