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AVID for higher education Faculty Resources

Short AVID Videos View or link to a series of short learning modules specifically for students to support their study habits such as note-taking, active reading and marking the text. These modules can also be used by faculty as reviews on the WICOR strategies used in the classroom.

Cornell Notes: Access Cornell Notes templates, information, and other resources related to note-taking.

Forgetting Curve: The Curve of Forgetting describes how we retain or get rid of information that we take in. Find easy ways to improve memory retention.

Strategies for Success: AVID strategies and practices for a postsecondary audience.  The strategies work in both curricular and extra-curricular settings, employing inquiry-based engagement in academic subjects to develop students who assume responsibility for themselves as learners.  While the practices and suggestions contained in this guide are structured primarily for use in the classroom, they also can be adapted by any postsecondary professional who works directly with students in counseling, advising, co- or extra-curricular activities, residence life, or any other non-classroom setting. 

Complete List of AVID Resources: Access all AVID resources currently available through our AWC website.

upcoming avid trainings

Title Date Time Location
AVID Professional Development for Math, Science, Business/CIS & CTE 8/11/14 9AM-11PM

Schoening Conference Center-South Wing

AVID Learning Communities for Math, Science, Business/CIS & CTE 8/11/14 11AM-12PM

Schoening Conference Center-South Wing

AVID Professional Development for Communications, Modern Languages, Social Sciences & Fine Arts 8/11/14 1PM-3PM Schoening Conference Center-South Wing
AVID Learning Communities for Communications, Modern Languages, Social Sciences & Fine Arts 8/11/14 3PM-4PM Schoening Conference Center-Sount Wing
Academic Advising for Maximum Student Persistence Part 2 9/16/14 3PM-7PM Schoening Conference Center-South Wing


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