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Please click on the links below to access additional AVID Resources

AVID for Students

AVID for Tutors/Mentors

AVID for Faculty


What is AVID for Higher Education?

AVID for Higher Education (AHE) is designed specifically to meet the needs of students attending a college or university. It partners with institutions of higher education to systemically address the goals of increased learning, persistence, completion and success in and beyond college. AVID assists higher education professionals in analyzing existing student support initiatives and data, identifying barriers and needs, and establishing and assessing student learning outcomes. By supporting faculty and administrators in their effort to increase student engagement, AVID also supports students in their efforts to earn a college degree and/or certificate. When implemented with fidelity, AVID impacts the expectations and behaviors of postsecondary students, faculty, and administrators through research-driven and ongoing professional learning.
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AVID Impact on Students:

  • Increasing accountability for own learning
  • Improving academic behaviors/competencies, efficacy, peer support mentoring
  • Changing belief systems and holding students to higher expectations
  • Applying learning strategies to coursework versus isolated study skills

AVID Impact on Faculty:

  • Engaging faculty in planning for student academic success; reducing institutional barriers for student persistence, acceleration and completion; advocating for and monitoring of AVID students
  • Providing professional development in teaching and engagement strategies and research-based instructional methodologies

AVID Impact on Campus Culture:

  • Creating new system of beliefs that results in culture change
  • Embracing the power of high expectations and high support
  • Emphasizing a focus on critical thinking through inquiry-based pedagogies
  • Creating a change from teaching enviroments to learning enviroments.

Source: 2011

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