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Institutional Research
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Institutional Research Plan

 Annually, the Institutional Effectiveness, Research & Grants team compiles an Institutional Research Plan to meet data needs across the college district.

  • We collect district-wide requests for data or research for the upcoming academic year (August-July).
  • We plan our time and work to meet these requests along with mandated reporting, internal standard reports, and studies of institutional effectiveness.
  • The requests are then incorporated into a schedule, by due date, and assigned to an analyst. These receive priority.
  • Requests not submitted by June 7, 2012 (ad hoc requests) will be completed only if time permits, and given lowest priority.

We are currently soliciting requests for information you will need between August 1, 2012 and July 31, 2013. Please submit requests by June 7, 2012, at: 2012-2013 Institutional Research Plan Requests.

To assist with planning and to clarify communication standard definitions are available for your convenience.

Standard reports of commonly requested data are available on our website, as follows:

Annual Reports

Semester Reports (based on 45th day)

Semester Reports (as of semester end)

  •  Student performance (grade distribution, completion, success, withdrawal, graduates, degrees and certificates awarded, and awards by major)

If the data you need are not in a standard report, please submit a data request.

Please direct email regarding the 2012-2013 Institutional Research Plan to IERG or contact 928.344.7620.

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