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Grant Processes @ AWC

Grant processes at AWC are overseen by the Director of Institutional Effectiveness, Research, and Grants (IERG), and facilitated by the Associate Director for Grants.

  • Annually, a grant plan is made in tandem with the college president and his cabinet to support institution-wide initiatives with external funding. Our general grants emphases include allied health and nursing; education and student success; entrepreneurial studies; science, technology, engineering, and math; and technology infrastructure. Recent funding challenges also brought building renovation to the forefront as an additional fundraising objective in support of the 2020 capital improvement plan.

    Specific grants are then identified and pursued. A status report is regularly updated to notify the district of grant resources being sought and won.
  • Grant writers throughout the district are encouraged to collaborate in grant writing efforts. In order to do so, first talk to your supervisor and gain their support THEN file a grant alert. The grant alert will be reviewed by IERG to ensure that it is complete, researched, and forwarded with a grants office recommendation to the President on this particular opportunity.
  • If the President denies a grant alert, the prospective grant writer will be informed of the reason, and if possible, assisted in addressing concerns raised. 

    If the grant alert is approved, the prospective grant writer will be notified that they may proceed and provided a timeline to coordinate efforts with IERG. This involves a review by personnel, technology, budget office, and IERG of a final draft, with instructions for revisions that may be needed. These are then made by the grant writer and returned to IERG for final review, presidential signature, and submission.
  • Upon notice of award, the director of IERG should be immediately notified. She will assist you in notifying departments across the campus that must be contacted, and set you on the road to successful grant implementation.
  • The director of IERG and associate director for grants stand ready to support grant writers in addressing the many technical aspects of grants. They also lead district-wide writing teams for large institutional grants.
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