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Grant Alert

Arizona Western College coordinates its decision making on grants through the President's Office. In order to gain approval to seek a grant, please submit the following information to Mary Schaal in Institutional Effectiveness, Research, and Grants immediately upon deciding to seek the grant or grant renewal, ALONG WITH A COPY OF THE REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL from the grantor. You will be notified of President's decision within two weeks of receipt by Institutional Effectiveness, Research, and Grants.

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Phone Number(s):
Direct Supervisor:
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Supervisor Email:
* required field

Dean or Department Chair:

Dean or Department Chair Email:

I discussed this proposal with my supervisors, and have their authorization to proceed:
Cabinet member: * required field

    Grant Name:
If federal, CFDA number (i.e. 84.135a):

Amount you hope to obtain:

Date the grant is due:       * required fields

Duration of grant: To *

Competitive priorities listed in request for proposal, if any
Matching or "in-kind donations" required, if any
Purchased technology and/or software involved with grant
Additional personnel number and type, if any

    In ONE SENTENCE, please describe your project, including what you propose to do, with whom, where, when, and why:
Specifically how does this align to our District strategic plan and objectives?
By what criteria will you determine whether your program succeeded?
Who will be involved in writing the grant?

Please attach request for proposal here. (5MB file size limit!):

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